Tuesday, October 19, 2010

MBA Aspirants Speak UP

This post is not meant to hurt anyone. It it just a compilation of a few funny moments/experiences during interviews/presentations at a leading B-School in India. The compilation below highlights the state of primary, secondary and undergratuate education in the country. It also highlights what the two years of going through the process of an MBA degree can do to the same students, as I have seen many of these students transform in the two years and ending up with plum jobs, doing extremely well in life.
  1. Mutinity.
  2. Kohfi Annan, Koffi Annan, Cophy Annan...All three in the same presentation by the same student!
  3. Assacinatio....read Assasination.
  4. I myself....
  5. As far as my strengths are concerned, I am motivated, integrated and enlightened.
  6. It extends the whole of India, except the state of J&K.
  7. Mr. Natwar Singh is described as the one of the leaders of the congress party of the India.
  8. Nitish Kumar is an Engineer. So he will do well.
  9. Emotional Intelligence without emotions or intelligence is nothing.
  10. Identifying Emotions- It is the process by which we can identify emotions.
  11. Understanding Emotions-It is the process by which we can understand emotions.
  12. Using Emotions- It is the process by which we can use emotions.
  13. Managing Emotions- It is the process by which we can manage emotions.
  14. The light gets enlightened.
  15. There are many sensexes but for BSE it is the top 100 companies in the Government.
  16. I want to conclude the IPO market.
  17. Md. Younus has been helping very poor women with crediting.
  18. Micro finance is the basic need of Indian countries like poor countries.
  19. In India, the employees are paid according to their capabilities (what's the norm in other countries?)
  20. They (Phillippines) have a low speaking population.
  21. When the sun sets there, the people in offices there stop working. And when the sun sets there, the sun rises in India. Then we start working. So we have a 24*7 advantage...On Outsourcing.
  22. Immediate effects of the flood immediately caused water clogging.
  23. People died through electrician.
  24. Communications through land lines and ATMs were blocked...ATMs?...used for communication?
  25. What was the reason for Mumbai floods?- The drainage system...Oh! I thought it was the rains!
  26. Wings are made for speed. Our country is on a speedy path...on the future of the Airlines Industry.
  27. Low cost airlines do not provide foods and accommodation.
  28. No frills airlines don't provide any comfort. Not even a complimentary airhostess.
  29. Ordinary people could only see the plane flying on top of their heads.
  30. I would like to introduce some introduction.
  31. Mumbai-Pune expressway was cancelled for the first time.
  32. The poor are very brand conscious.
  33. Pakistan attack Kashmir to capture it.
  34. The other Kashmir Government should be banned.
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