Tuesday, February 25, 2014

India's largest and most profitable airline!!!!!! INDIGO

Indigo Flight 6E354 from Kolkata to Hyderabad, departure 8.30p.m., February 24th 2014

At 6.30p.m. I got a message which said that the flight had been rescheduled to 11.15p.m.

There was no explanation for the rescheduling at the airport. There was no indigo staff at the airport who was designated to alleviate the concerns of the guests.

At 9p.m., two indigo kids [staff] came and asked the guests to collect dinner. Dinner was a cheese sandwich, a muffin, a kachori and buttermilk. I wonder what percent of the Indigo staff eat such sumptuous dinner! I beg ignorance, but I did not know that the four assorted, dumped, cold, dry, something, thrown together in a box, items could classify as dinner.

In the meanwhile, we got another message from Indigo saying that the flight was now rescheduled to 10.40p.m. There was a change in gate number, which was not announced.

The two kids who were distributing the so called dinner disappeared. While everybody waited for someone to come and announce boarding for 10.40pm departure, 10.40p.m. came and went and there was no sign of any indigo staff. The kids came back at 11p.m. and sat down and chatted and laughed, while the tired guests watched. A few of us had woken up at 4a.m. or 5a.m., had full day meetings, had kids waiting at home, were concerned about our safety upon arriving at Hyderabad airport and taking the cab home, the kids laughed and chatted.

A few guests had had enough and demanded that a supervisor come and explain the situation. Another kid came at 11.15p.m. (supposedly senior to the other two), and to silence the crowd, announced boarding and then made the guests wait in the bus.

Finally we boarded the aircraft at around 12.00 midnight. Airhostesses [kids again] were laughing away with absolutely no sense of the grim situation or the discomfort of the guests. The aircraft had mosquitoes. Not one, not two, but the aircraft was full of mosquitoes. The way you find them hovering over a drain or in slums. When a guest asked one of the airhostesses to spray the repellant, she just ignored. When the request was repeated again, she gave the logic that if she sprays the repellant, we will all breathe it and it’s not good for our health. While technically I agree with her, shouldn’t the airhostesses, or who-so-ever is responsible for preparing the aircraft, take care of such details earlier? Do we pay thousands of rupees to travel in such conditions?

The flight finally took off at 12.30a.m. and reached Hyderabad at 2.30a.m. A few other women and I made our journeys home, in cabs, alone. Does Indigo care? No. Did the incidence even register with the management? No. 
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